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PHPP offer a wide range of development services with what we believe to be a unique competitive edge. We can offer any of the web development services listed (right), and where rarely we do not possess the in-house experience, we will organise to outsource the work within our established tried and tested network of professionals, always project managing every detail to completion and delivery to the client.

This allows us to act as a one-stop-shop provider and advisor, allowing you to concentrate on running your business and not on laising with numerous suppliers, all while saving on costs.

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The options are extensive so please contact us with your requirements. We will be happy to advise you. Our prices are very competitive and transparent.

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Development Services

Website Development

PHPP develop websites ranging from the simplest one page brochure to large scale database managed mega sites with tens of thousands of pages. We promote clean user friendly designs, always considerate of client budgets and search engine ranking. Our website design services can be classified as follows:


Custom Design: Based on client preference, we will design fresh and unique designs for client selection. Once edited and approved, we will convert the design to quality CSS/XHTML standards, add text, images, forms, meta data and host the finished product for you.


Template Tuning: Enhancement of a pre-existing professional design to save on designer hours and cost for the budget conscious. The end result is still a professional website, but with cost savings where design hours are concerned.


PSD slicing with CSS/XHTML standards: Provide your own PSD design and we will edit and convert it to a full website for you.


Contact us with your requirements, ideas or just for a no-commitment meeting. We will be happy to help.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you require a website that allows you to easily edit pages, text or images - or to create pages on the fly, always considering search engine optimisation and your corporate or site aesthetic feel, then a CMS website is for you. Our cutting edge Content Management System can be made to fit any design with seamless integration and is very intuitive to use. Based on a highly tuned and developed open source platform, we can provide modules for a great many external applications.


Contact us with your needs or to discuss your ideas.

Database Applications

We are specialist designers of simple yet powerful and affordable database applications. Our custom solutions go beyond the off-the-shelf programs or tired spreadsheet systems. We tailor our applications to your exact requirements, creating forms and reports to present your business information clearly and efficiently. Fully internet based, you will have secure access to your data from anywhere in the world.


Examples of such applications include customer managers (CRM), custom invoicing and management of debtors, custom stock inventory managers, automated reporting tools, statistical analysis and data management.

Online Shops

PHPP can assist with the setup (from conception to Go Live) of eCommerce projects ranging from tiny home business eShops to large scale multi-server mega sites with thousands of products. We can provide a range of shopping cart solutions including the next generation module based solutions to integrate any number of possibilities efficiently.


Contact us to advise you of the best options for your business.

Programming Solutions

Our talented programmers can code solutions for limitless possibilities. We specialise in business solutions to improve or automate business processes to increase efficiency and minimise error and waste. Repetivive tasks can be streamlined, customer relations can be greatly enhanced and managerial control and oversight can be strengthened. Reporting tools can be customised to display up to the minute critical information that could really make the difference in these difficult times.

Administration Tools

Our custom admin panels solutions can organise your data to display critical reporting functionality to your excting specifications. Such examples may include statistical reporting, client management, sales data, payments pending, employee monitoring to name a few. Every business is different, so an off the shelf solution is not always best. Our bespoke solutions cost less than you may expect and ultimately pay for themselves when efficiency gains are considered.

Search Engine Optimistaion (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very important part of any web development project, and attention must be paid to this area for your business to succeed online finding you new prospective clients. We have created large multi-lingual sites that have been optimised in several languages for foreign marketing and promotion and are adept at SEO services. Our Cyprus Directory dominates the Cyprus search engines with tens of thousands of visitors every month. Contact us to discuss your project.

Customer Relation Managers (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Whatever your requirements, or if you do not yet really know what you need in terms of office managment tools, let us guide you through the plethora of products available. Start to take control of your business.


There are many excellent (existing) systems for your CRM and ERP needs, even if most companies never use 95% of their functionality and are overwhelmed by them. Every business is different. We are available to consult and advise as to the best fit solution considering all parameters including requirements, costs, computer literacy et al.